Timothy and Nancy Kellers’ Songs of Jesus, Psalm 77:1-9

June 29, 2020

“My heart meditates and my spirit asks . . .” vs. 6b, changed to the present tense, was God’s breath prayer for me this morning. On what did God ask me to meditate? Whether or not my heart was as broken in sorrow for the spiritual state of my family as His is. I have to confess, it is not. Forgiving people who not only continue to sin against you, but continue to reject God’s love for them and hurt themselves is not humanly possible. Jesus weeps when I do not forgive, when I am angry instead of filled with His love and compassion. Jesus weeps when family members reject Him, they are hurting themselves. Jesus weeps when they continue addictive behaviors, they are hurting themselves and everyone around them.

Holy indwelling Spirit of our Living God, break my heart for what breaks Yours. Fill me with Your perfect love.

May you be blessed,



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