Timothy and Nancy Kellers’ Songs of Jesus, Psalm 73:1-3

June 15, 2020

This is one of those days when I feel deep gratitude for God. He moves me into uncomfortable circumstances chiding me gently and lovingly, and at the same time comforting me with His presence. In a recent lectio divina God’s word for me was, “Do not let go!” Today, His word for me was vs. 2, paraphrased thusly, “my feet had almost slipped, I had nearly lost my foothold.” Vs. 3 speaks to envy and I see my envy of American Dreamers. There is a part of me who wants that seductive dream. But God is calling both Rick and I to something different. Specifically, God is moving Safe Haven Counseling Associates out of the comfortable niche at our home church, IgniteMB and into a para-church location yet to be determined. We cannot let go of God’s Dream for us. We are comforted, strengthened and supported by repeated experiences of His presence in our prayer time and through the SHCA Board of Directors, who have come alongside us to walk God’s Dream together. We are not alone! Blessed is His Name.




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