Timothy and Nancy Kellers’ Songs of Jesus, Psalm 66:17-20

May 25, 2020

Vs. 18 leapt off the page, “If I had cherished sin in my heart, You would not have listened.” Why do we think we can be deliberately and defiantly rebellious towards God and at the same time get mad at Him when He doesn’t bless us the way we want Him to bless us? We need to admit our defiance is sin. We need to feel and express heartfelt remorse for that sin. We need to ask for forgiveness for that sin. We need to ask for and submit to the life-changing power of God to erase that sin. Cherishing sin in our hearts is being disobedient. The Kellers’ simply and rightly point out what Joshua learned in Joshua 7:12-13: There’s no use asking God for things when you are being disobedient!

What are your cherished sins? I didn’t like facing mine.




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