Timothy and Nancy Kellers’ Songs of Jesus, Psalm 62:1-4

May 11, 2020

Recent unpleasantness with family members made today’s reading deeply personal. Vs. one immediately presented itself as God’s breath prayer, ‘Truly my soul rests in God.’ I read Derek Kidner’s commentary alongside the Songs of Jesus. He prefers the NEB translation, ‘Truly my heart waits silently for God,’ an apt description of meditatio. As I meditated on the phrase and submitted to the soul-searching of the Holy Spirit, I was convicted of a self-righteous desire for vindication.  Not what I wanted to hear.

Kidner also had insight into what David actually did in the context of facing his oppressors: ‘David dare(d) not trust himself to answer his tormentors.’ David remained silent, a non-response practiced by Jesus in the face of several questions during His illegal trial (Matthew 26:62; 27:14).

Kidner made the observation that evil, being ruthlessly competitive, is attracted to weakness because of eagerness to destroy that which is perceived as ‘tottering’ and therefore vulnerable. This brought to my mind the sad truth that bully’s often think of those who do not reciprocate anger and violence as weak. But evil is also attracted to strength, because that is what in jealousy it sees and desires. On the other hand, goodness will not ‘break the bruised reed, is glad when ‘we are weak and You are strong’ and God’s purposes are achieved by ‘an open statement of the Truth (Isaiah 42:3; 2 Corinthians 4:2, 13:9).’

I repent of my self-righteous desire for vindication and along with David will neither reciprocate the bullying nor answer it. I will remain silent before the Lord, asking Him to teach me how to love as He does.




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