Timothy and Nancy Keller’s devotional, The Songs of Jesus Psalm 92:14-15

August 19, 2022
It isn’t often nowadays that I write about our lectio divina prayer practice. But yesterday morning God’s breath prayer was the same for Rick and I. When that happens we both feel we have listened to God well. We personalized Psalm 92:14-15 into ‘Please teach us to still bear fruit in old age, remaining fresh and green, proclaiming that You, LORD, are upright, our rock and that there is no wickedness in You.’ We will repeat that breath prayer to ourselves throughout the day whenever we become frustrated at unexpected difficulties. In this way, we experience what the Kellers’ speak of in their commentary, worship restoring us from the burnout of seeking our own glory. Walking with Adonai worshipfully through both the sweetness and sadness of life refreshes our spirits as we learn to trust the awesome Creator and lover of our souls.

The Keller’s left another poignant reminder to me in their commentary — that of 2 Corinthians 4:16, ‘Though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed, day by day.’ My dear friend and prayer partner Betty Tso, who died after a twelve year battle with cancer, quoted that verse often. And she modeled in her life that very trusting, worshipful walk with Adonai. How blessed I am to have known her.

I look at the words I have written and hope, pray and trust hat the Holy Spirit will use them to bless any who read them.

In His Name


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