Personal note from Cheri Dale:


Elizabeth and I first met when she walked into our 1st grade classroom several months after the normal start of the school year. She was dressed in a white turtleneck and a red jumper dress with the thickest, most jet-black hair I had ever seen pulled back in a pony tail perched high on the back of her head. She was the most beautiful child I had ever seen.


Over the next 60 years Elizabeth and I went through the Maryland public school system together, sometimes close friends, sometimes drifting apart. After college, our careers took us separate ways. But when my life was in crises, God reconnected Elizabeth and I. She became my staunchest friend, my sister in Christ and a prayer partner beyond compare. We would speak on the phone every couple of weeks or so and talk, pray and cry together about the beauty of our Savior, Jesus Christ, cancer, students, counselees, patients, family, church, and my recovery.


Elizabeth served faithfully on the Prayer Advisory Board for Safe Haven Counseling Associates. More than that, she served faithfully on the Prayer Advisory Board for the Sanctification of Cheri Dale, one fallen, broken sinner much in need of spiritual care. I am so grateful to God for her.